We extend a heartfelt Thank You to our extraordinary group of Volunteers who have donated time and expertise to assist at our shows. Without your help we would not be able to host the successful shows that we do!!

We would also like to extend an additional Thank You to our Executive members who have donated time, effort and lots of brainstorming to the Club as a whole!!

Scribe This person sits with the judge and writes down the marks and comments as the judge judges the dressage test that is ridden before them. We hold scribe clinics, usually in the spring, to help those who would like to scribe but have never done the job.
Runner This person(s) collects the dressage tests from the judge’s booth and brings them to the scorer’s booth.
Announcer This person keeps the show running. They let the riders know who is in the ring, will be going into the ring and any other information that is needed.
Ring Crew These people help set up the ring on Friday and take it down on Sunday. We need people to help measure out the ring and then put them up. The more people we have present the faster this goes!! You can help on Friday or Sunday or both!
Whipper-in These people help the show run on time. They let riders know when they are on deck, going into the ring etc. Without these important people there would be a gap between the riders and show management.
Scorers This person(s) gets to add up the scores from the dressage tests as they are brought in from the judge’s booth. When the scores are done they then get posted on the scoreboard for the competitors to view.


Volunteers are always needed at our shows. We appreciate any time donated by our members or their families at the shows. We will work around your riding schedule if you would like to volunteer while you are showing.

Volunteers are provided with free food and drinks at the shows as a Thank You for your time.

Please contact our show organizer, Kristy Nahirniak (519) 938-5138, if you can help out.